9th Street Designer Clearance was started with one goal in mind: delivering outstanding furniture to the people of San Francisco for less. If you are looking for something unique, stylish, and affordable, you have come to the right place.

Our secret is simple: we have contracts with designers, manufacturers, and retailers to take the furniture that they need to move quickly for cash-flow reasons. Sometimes the furniture is overstock, sometimes we take cancelled orders, and sometimes we take the furniture for another reason. Once we have that furniture, we can get it to you at or below the typical wholesale cost. One thing is for certain: you won’t believe the savings until you see them.

This is who we are

Around the summer of 2008, 9th Street Designer Clearance was started by two fairly crazy guys Jerome and myself Michael. You can still find one of us in the store on any given day. 

As both of us have been in the business for many years and have collaborated on many other successful projects together, we decided to try something new right in the middle of a recession. Yes, I mentioned we are a little crazy. 

Over the years we had been contacted by many a factory or designer looking for someplace to sell cancelled special orders. After much discussion (it was after all in the middle of a recession) we decided to open a store that catered to just that. 

Our idea was simple. Must be a high end factory, must be contemporary furniture and we must be able to sell it at close to cost or below. 
Manufactures, designers and retailers alike loved the concept and as time went on and our success helped them, they sent more and more furnishings to the extent that now our selection changes weekly. 

To this day we have stayed true to our original idea, business model and principles. 

When you visit us you will find unique high end home furnishings to fit any budget. 

Factories call us with retailers special orders that go un-shipped due to financial circumstances, designers special orders that are cancelled and a myriad of other reasons. 

Our response is simple. As I said before it must be high end, it must be contemporary and we must be able to sell it at close to cost. 
Resulting in many cases of one of a kind beautiful home furnishing at prices so low even we find them hard to believe. 

Finally as our popularity has grown and we have become less of a secret our market has expanded globally. Yes, as we are asked frequently we can ship it anywhere in the world. 

9th Street Designer Clearance come and visit us, we are a little crazy, but we might just make you laugh. 

Don’t wait any longer to start saving. Our inventory changes every week, so the deals you see today might easily be gone tomorrow.
Visit our showroom seven days a week to find the latest sofas, end tables, chairs, and contemporary furniture.
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